unilux machines

Unilux IPL –  High Performance Machine for Beauty Care

Now, offer your clients top end beauty treatments with Unilux, an all-in one device that maximises hair reduction and skin rejuvenation procedures. Rugged, dependable and easy to operate, Unilux is one of the fastest in its class. It is a technologically advanced state of the art device sourced by ipl-machines from leading manufacturers from around the globe.  

Most importantly, considering its range of options and the price tag, it is definitely value for money. Its speed of operations and quality ensures that you can handle an increasing number of clients thereby improving on your sales and business growth. It is mounted on wheels and can be taken from one service room to another. This allows flexibility and comfort to clients as they do not have to go from one space to another for different treatments.

Some of the features of Unilux that has made it so popular are –

  • Powerful device at 3,500w, makes it one of the best in class
  • Patented SPT, FCA technology easily treats both dark and light hair.
  • Good for treatment of dark skin types with red and blond hair
  • Made from world class components such as Japanese capacitors and German Xenon lamps that last for more than 300,000 flashes. Hence low on maintenance and downtime.

  • All procedures are almost pain free without any side effects due to technologically advanced Sapphire + Air + Water + SPT cooling system.

  • Increased flexibility with two hand pieces including SHR 15*50mm2 and 12*33mm. Optional accessories include Thermage Fractional RF head piece.

Unilux can be used for a variety of treatments covering permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

  • Hair removal good for skin types one to five
  • Skin rejuvenation for removal of fine lines, freckles and wrinkles
  • Reduction of pigmented and vascular lesions
  • Face life treatments.

With Unilux devices, you can take beauty treatments to an altogether new level and maximise client satisfaction.