Quality Training Programmes

Quality Training Programmes on IPL Machines   

Beauty care equipment provided by ipl-machines is based on advanced laser and IPL technologies that are quite complex in nature. This is the primary reason why we provide training to all our clients on handling the equipment so that they are used to the maximum soon after installation.

The training so structured by us is tuned to match the device that has been bought by you as well as the level of existing skill sets of your staff and technicians who will be operating the devices. The training is of course free and conducted on actual demo devices. The duration of the courses is usually spread out over two to three days depending on the specifications of the equipment and the ability of your staff.

Once the training is completed we issue a “Competency Certificate”. This will come in handy if your clients want to know about the expertise of your staff operating the equipment before taking up treatment.

Training is carried out on our advanced laser and IPL based machines and the course modules are based on their functioning. We impart detailed instructions on the basic technologies of these devices, how different skin types and hair colour affect treatments and the relevant settings of the equipment as well as safety measures that need to be taken during procedures. The training package takes into account every operational and safety aspects of laser and IPL machines.

After completing the course you will be fully geared to tackle any exigencies that might arise during treatments. This is because our training programme is a judicious mix of theoretical and practical aspects of the working of laser and IPL beauty care devices. Apart from handling the machines, the in-depth knowledge gained about our devices will also help you create strong promotional and marketing strategies to draw in more clients to your salon and spa and meet set goals and objectives.

The training offered by us is a reflection of our strong commitment to achieve benchmarks of excellence in post sales customer service.