Uni Tatt Machines

Uni Tatt Machines

Uni Tatt Machines – Tattoo Removal Simplified 

Tattoo removal is no longer a process that involves skin grafts, use of infra-red lasers or invasive surgical interventions. Our advanced Q-switch YAG laser based tattoo removal equipment is a cut above other devices in the market. It uses the high power of such lasers to break down tattoo ink which ultimately fades away after a few sessions.

The process is simple and relatively painless. Laser beams that pulse at nanoseconds are targeted at the tattoo. They pass through the epidermis and are absorbed by the pigmented ink. The ink then breaks up into fragments which are disposed off by the body’s natural processes. Since the lasers act precisely on the target area, the surrounding skin to the tattoo is not affected at all.

When you install Uni Tatt from ipl-machines you will be optimising client satisfaction since they will see a noticeable change within a few sessions and find their tattoos fading away. This will naturally increase client turnover and ensure growth in business.

Some of the high powered features that have made Uni Tatt leader in its class are –

  • Advanced laser technologies that make for less painful treatments and visible results within a few sessions.
  • Is a specialised device that is also used to treat a number of skin ailments apart from tattoo removal
  • Any tattoo regardless of the colour of the ink, density and size can be effectively removed with Uni Tatt
  • In-built safety features eliminates the possibility of overheating and shorting.
  • Sourced from leading manufacturers around the world and made from the finest German and Japanese components

Uni Tatt can be used for a host of applications –

  • Removing Epidermal pigmentation like body tattoos and permanent make-up
  • Removing Dermal pigmentation such as birthmarks, freckles and age spots
  • Doing away with hard to remove blue and green pigmentation
  • Eliminating acne scar marks, fine lines and wrinkles and other skin ailments that are best treated with lasers

When you buy Uni Tatt from ipl-machines, we will train your staff and technicians in handling the device so that you can start using the equipment soon after installation.