Tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal

Advanced Laser IPL Tattoo Removal Machines – Easy & Effective Treatments

There has always been a perception that generally tattoos are indelible marks on the body, destined to be there for life. In the past, removing them meant going through a long drawn out painful process of skin grafts, invasive surgeries and use of infra-red rays. However, the development of equipment based on advanced Q-switched lasers has changed all that. Tattoo removal today is relatively painless, without any side effects and most importantly is fully eliminated within a few sessions of treatments.

We at ipl-machines import and distribute in Australia, advanced tattoo removal machines that have high performance and power. We source them from top manufacturers around the world and this ensures that any tattoo removal procedure does not have any effect on the normal surrounding skin. Our tattoo removal machines are rugged and reliable and the primary reason why some of the leading names in Australia’s beauty care sector have bought their tattoo removal machines from us.

How does our tattoo removal machines with Q-switched laser technology work?

Concentrated laser beams are targeted at the tattoo which enters the epidermis through the top layer of the skin. These laser wavelengths pulse at high speeds – in nanoseconds – thereby breaking up the pigmented mass which is the tattoo ink into minute fragments. These particles are then absorbed by the body’s natural processes and disposed off. The ink begins to fade away after a few sessions and the tattoo is fully eliminated. The advantage of Q-switched laser is that unlike older versions of IPL machines, the wavelengths of light are very short, being highly attracted to and absorbed by the tattoo ink only. This makes sure that the surrounding skin is not affected at all.

Tattoo removal machines from ipl-machines can also remove permanent “make-up” tattoos such as eyebrows, lip liner and eye liner apart from conventional tattoos. The spot where an old tattoo once was can again be tattooed with a new image provided the skin is totally healed after removal of the old one.

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