IPL Machines For Smooth Skin

Quality IPL Machines For Smooth Skin

If you are looking for technologically advanced state of the art equipment for the beauty industry, ipl-machines should be your first choice. We specialise in devices related to permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation procedures, microdermabrasion and tattoo removal. All these are based on the most modern laser and IPL technologies and guarantee the best in beauty treatments.

What gives us a head start over others in this field?

For one, it is the quality of all our products. All devices imported and distributed by us in Australia are sourced from leading manufacturers from around the world and are made with the best of German and Japanese components. This ensures that every equipment offers assured safety, efficiency and speed of operations.

The next is the range of equipment that can be bought from us. Whether you have a large well established beauty clinic and spa or just starting off in this field, we have devices that will perfectly match your requirements. From small desktop models of beauty treatment devices that are not short on operating efficiencies to large standard high speed versions we have it all. Launch your salon and spa on a small scale and work up progressively as business grows. We will make sure that your equipment is updated to match the scale of your business.


Our strength is the benchmarks of excellence we set in customer service. Salon owners can get in touch with us to know which equipment will optimise operational and business efficiencies and offer the highest returns on investments. Our executives have a high level of professional expertise and can guide you accordingly. Post sales too, because of the complexities of our technologically advanced devices we take special care to ensure that our clients quickly become fully conversant with the running of the machines. Our technicians provide training on demo devices matching that bought from us.

Get in touch with us for comprehensive advice and business solutions for your beauty business. Our consultants provide personalised assistance and advice on which machines will meet your requirements. This will be based on the scale of your business, projected growth, establishment goals and objectives and your budget. We also provide a range of easy sales and financing solutions again based on your scale of business and budget.

With ipl-machines it will be far easier to launch your entry in the beauty industry than you thought was possible.

Product Features

Impeccable Services Better Performance


From fat reduction to body firming, microdermabrasion to permanent hair removal, Universal Medical Aesthetics offers professional top-of-the-line products to spas and salons across Australia with superior performance to enhance the experience of your clients.


Universal Medical Aesthetics offers advanced technology systems with in-depth training tailored to both the equipment and skill level of your staff enabling you to deliver better treatment to your clients with confidence.

Ipl machines


Universal Medical Aesthetics has been designing world-class technology systems to cope with face and body imperfections for over 10 years. All systems are tailored to exact specifications for your unique business needs.


Universal Medical Aesthetics offers flexible payment options to all businesses, no matter how big or small. When you buy any of our premium equipment, we help you choose, finance and unveil your new equipment.

Support We Offer

Clinic Support

Clinic Support

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Warehouse & Technical Support

Warehouse & Technical Support

Training Support

Training Support

What our customers said

I recommend everyone looking to buy beauty equipment in Australia to buy them from Universal Medical Aesthetics. They have the best customer support service and offer flexible payment options. I had bought Microdermabrasion machine from them 2 years


I have just started my own salon in Melbourne and bought my first IPL machine from Universal Medical Aesthetics. They offered great technology at an affordable price and also have flexible payment options so that you can pay conveniently. They also o


Universal Medical Aesthetics has the best beauty equipment with the latest technology and buying from them has helped me a lot in growing my business. I had a great experience and they exceeded my expectations in providing world-class services. They


From marketing, training, world-class products, the latest technology to customer support Universal Medical Aesthetics doesn’t miss a thing. I want to thank you for the excellent service and customer support you have provided me and for the fast re